Łącznik kołnierzowy FireLock™ Typ 744

Łącznik kołnierzowy FireLock™ Typ 744

  • Klasa ANSI 125 i kołnierze 150
  • Rozmiary 2 – 8" | 50 – 200 mm
  • Ciśnienie do 175 psi | 1207 kPa | 12 barów

Victaulic® Łącznik kołnierzowy FireLock™ Typ 744

Style 744 FireLock Flange adapter is designed for directly incorporating flanged components with ANSI CL. 125 or CL. 150 bolt hole patterns into a grooved pipe system. Sizes 2 - 8" (50 - 200 mm) are hinged for easy handling with integral end tabs which facilitate assembly.

The design incorporates small teeth inside the key shoulder I.D. to prevent rotation.

Because of the outside flange dimension, FireLock Flange adapters should not be used on FireLock fittings. When wafer or lug-type valves are used adjoining a Victaulic fitting, check disc dimensions to assure proper clearance.

FireLock Flange adapters should not be used as anchor points for tie-rods across nonrestrained joints. Mating rubber faced flanges, valves, etc., require the use of a FireLock Flange washer.

FireLock Flange adapters with Vic-Plus gaskets do not require lubrication. The gasket must always be assembled with the color coded lip on the pipe and the other lip facing the mating flange.

Style 744 FireLock Flange Adapters with the Vic-Plus™ Gasket System are designed and recommended for use ONLY on fire protection systems.

Vic-Plus Gasket System:

Victaulic® now offers a gasket system which requires no field lubrication on wet pipe systems. The VicPlus™ System (patented) is dry, clean, and non-toxic. It reduces assembly time substantially and eliminates the mess and chance of over-lubrication. Please refer to the latest copy of the Victaulic Field Installation Handbook (I-100) for supplemental lubrication requirements.



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