Łącznik i narzędzie Vic-Boltless Typy 791 i 792

Łącznik i narzędzie Vic-Boltless Typy 791 i 792

  • Zapewnia bezpieczne, odporne na manipulacje, niskoprofilowe połączenie
  • Rozmiary 2 – 8" | 50 – 200 mm
  • Ciśnienie do 350 psi | 2413 kPa | 24 barów

Victaulic® Łącznik i narzędzie Vic-Boltless Typy 791 i 792

Vic-Boltless Style 791 coupling is a one-piece hinged coupling that features locking pin installation with a separate tool (Style 792) design for assembly and disassembly. The Style 791 coupling provides a secure, tamper resistant, low profile joint.

Utilized on standard Victaulic® roll or cut grooved pipe, the one-piece housing surrounds the standard gasket and engages into the grooves. A separate lever-type assembly tool mates the open housing ends and aligns the pin holes. A single notched drive pin is set with a hammer completing installation. The assembly tool is removed.

The new pin-locking design provides pressure ratings up to 700psi/4826kPa (depending on size.) The notched, tapered steel pin creates a wedge-like seat in the ductile housing and resists removal without re-application of the assembly tool. Removal and re-use however, can easily be achieved with the assembly tool and a drive pin punch.

Performance data presented in this document is based on use with standard wall, carbon steel pipe. For use with stainless steel pipe, please reference document 17.09 for pressure ratings and end loads. When used on light wall stainless steel pipe, the Victaulic RX roll set must be used to roll groove the pipe. For further information regarding roll grooving stainless steel, refer to document 17.01.



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