Łącznik odejściowy Typ 72

Łącznik odejściowy Typ 72

  • Łącznik z odejściem redukcyjnym
  • Rozmiary 1 ½ – 6" | 40 – 150 mm
  • Ciśnienia do 500 psi | 3447 kPa | 34 barów

Victaulic® Łącznik odejściowy Typ 72

Style 72 Outlet couplings are designed to serve as a joining device providing an integral reducing outlet.

The coupling housing and gasket are wider than standard grooved couplings, providing space for the outlet area. When used on other than standard grooved pipe, contact Victaulic for recommendations. The outlet gasket is designed to seal on the joined pipe ends and in the neck of the outlet. A steel ring insert reinforces the neck opening.

Style 72 Outlet Couplings are supplied with female threaded outlet connections.

Style 72 Outlet couplings are not recommended for vacuum service.



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