NO. 10 90° ELBOW red 48,3mm

NO. 10 90° ELBOW red 48,3mm

  • Standard fitting pressure ratings conform to ratings of installed coupling
  • All fittings supplied with grooves for fast installation
  • Fittings available from ¾ – 12" | 20 – 600 mm

Victaulic® NO. 10 90° ELBOW

Available Sizes

  • ¾ – 60"/20 – 1500 mm Maximum

Working Pressure

  • Fitting pressure ratings are equivalent to the pressure ratings of the coupling used to install them.


  • Connects pipe, provides change in direction and adapts sizes or components.
  • Supplied with Victaulic OGS grooves.
  • Exclusively for use with Victaulic couplings, valves, accessories and pipe which feature ends formed with the Victaulic OGS groove profile. Pipe Materials.
  • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel.


  • These fittings are not intended for use with Victaulic plain end couplings. Intended for use only in grooved piping systems. When connecting wafer or lug type butterfly valves directly to Victaulic fittings using Style 741 or Style 743 flange adapters, be sure to check disc clearance dimensions with I.D. dimension of fitting.



1 1/2
Actual Outside Diameter
Size od

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