Elkhart Brass®

Elkhart Brass

Shop Fire Protection 24 offers its customers Elkhart Brass products. Customers interested in products of this company are welcome to read the offer contained in the full catalogs for download below

Markets serve by Elkhart Brass

  • Municipal & Industrial Fire Protection
  • Firefighting Equipment for the specialized needs of the US Government
  • Waterflow Products for Apparatus, Construction, and Mining
  • Fire Protection Products for Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Elkhart Brass products are sold worldwide through a network of dealers and distributors, as well as directly to OEMs and Governments.

Elkhart Brass is the industry's most experienced manufacturer of innovative firefighting and fire protection equipment. We manufacture 2,000 products used in virtually every aspect of fire fighting. Our products are found in fire departments around the world, building systems and off-shore drilling sites, as well as in military, marine and industrial firefighting applications.

Elkhart Brass Catalog

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