The Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc. is one of the world's largest producers of automatic fire sprinklers and sprinkler system control equipment and a major distributor of sprinkler system components. The company offers commercial quick response and standard sprinklers, In the sprinkler area, Reliable produces both of the industry's two basic types - the solder type and the frangible bulb - for virtually every type of building applications. Reliable also produces a broad range of alarm check valves.

Reliable products are listed and approved by various fire protection product approval laboratories and organizations such as UL, FM VdS, LPCB, CE, GOS, CNBOP, PAVUS, SBSC, VKF, SZIE YMETK. Refer to the product's Technical Bulletin for specific listing and approval information.

Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc. was founded in 1918. Reliable has always been an industry-minded company. Reliable is an active participant in the following industry associations such as American Fire Sprinkler Association and National Fire Sprinkler Association.

Three goals are at the heart of the mission that the Fee family established long ago:

  1. to be the leading worldwide manufacturer of innovative, quality-oriented fire sprinklers and systems devices;
  2. to be a leading supplier of fire sprinkler system components;
  3. to be the leader in providing the highest level of operational excellence in customer service, exceeding all customer expectations.

It is this mission that propels Reliable through the 21st Century and beyond in its service to the fire sprinkler industry.